Business Interface follows a standard of excellence that is reflected in our operating procedures and practices. These standards are present in every segment of our pre-and post employment services to ensure that the needs of our business clients, our participants and our service provider partners are met. We are an organization that employs, serves and hires the very population we assist to realize their dreams.  We understand the expectations of our constituencies and meet them enthusiastically every step of the way.

Professional Decorum
Internally, we have a high level of professional decorum and interaction among our employees and affiliations.  We believe that we should be the model client, employee candidate and service organization first, before we project our image to world.  We believe in the customer comes first philosophy and ensure that this philosophy is practiced throughout our organization.

We believe in organizational transparency and have voluntarily implemented quality and compliance policies to self-audit on a daily basis as a regular business practice.  This practice enables us to make good on promises made to our funding agency's grant requirements and most importantly, ensures that we continually operate with a high level of integrity.

We stand behind our value proposition to raise the poor into a life of economic stability and prosperity, while doing the same for businesses that help sustain our global economies.  Our interface model is one that works. We believe in the each one reach one  philosophy and aim to do so with a high level of professional conduct, honor and commitment to our constituencies.  We simply ask that as we help you, you pay it forward, help another, and by virtue of doing so, help to positively impact the lives of millions. 

Mission Driven
We continually operate in a state of purpose. Business Interface is a mission-driven organization.  Everything we do is subordinate to our goal to equip businesses, economically disabled individuals and service organizations with the communication vehicles they need to build mutually beneficial relationships.  Our employees are invaluable to us in meeting this basic mission.  They understand their roles and more importantly, how their contributions serve to get every person we touch out of poverty and into life-sustaining careers, one person at a time.